Registrar's Message

Registrar’s Message

My association began with the PITTTR on August 29, 2014 when I joined as the Registrar of the institute. The institute has been rendering remarkable service to technical education in the country specially in  Punjab by offering training and Faculty Development Programmes. The Institute is planning to offer instructional material development (both print and non-print), research and development and extension and consultancy services.

The institute has achieved many milestones during its small journey of 04 years but there is huge potential lying untapped in the institute, which needs to be tapped for bringing qualitative improvements in technical education. One such initiative has already been taken. Technology has been integrated in the training of teachers. The institute is now planning to offer training to technical teachers through regular contact mode and through videoconferencing or through social media.

The institute has signed (in a short journey) MOUs with Prestigious institutes and MNCs namely ISTE, NITTTR, Infosys, Wipro Mission10X, IBM, Oracle and Success Mantra for undertaking collaborative programmes and projects for the benefit of students and teachers in the technical education institutes and also to ensure optimal utilization of the resources and expertise available.

The institute is in process of starting three new courses / programmes namely:
  1. Diploma in Technical Teaching (D.T.T.)
  2. Bachelor of Technical Education (B.T.Ed)
  3. Specialization in Teaching (Pedagogical Teaching)

Hope! The institute with its sustained efforts will be able to achieve greater heights and the work culture, which is unique and distinct, will be treasured by the faculty and staff of the institute to contribute their mite in improving technical education.

Dr. B.P. Garg
PITTTR, Jalandhar